I came to Yoga from a body/exercise Physiotherapy perspective and discovered the meditative and spiritual side as I trained and practised. 

I will guide you though 60 minutes  of connecting your mind to your body – to become aware of your breathing and to enquire what’s going on in your mind and body right now, how does it feel to move your body? I encourage you to allow your body to be exactly the way it is for you today without judgement or wanting it to be different to how it is. Yoga practice isn’t a linear progression and some days your body doesn’t want to move the way you want it to. I teach a vinyassa style of Yoga, influenced by Strala Yoga – focusing on natural movement and simplicity. My classes are not alignment focused so if that is what you are looking for my class probably isn’t for you.  I encourage you to move in a way that feels good for your unique body. 


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Attending yoga sessions with Sarah is a total joy. I like how her classes flow and she can be so creative with the poses allowing your body to stretch and move the way it is craving for. Her friendly and fun demeanour comes across as she teaches what she is so passionate about.